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The frigate tuna or frigate mackerel or alagaduwa (Auxis thazard) is a species of tuna, in the family Scombridae, found around the world in tropical oceans. The eastern pacific population is now regarded as a separate species by some authorities, Auxis brachydorax.

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Tuna is popular seafood consumed by a million people around the globe. Depending on the shape, you’ll find various types of tuna. Skipjack, albacore, and yellowfin are the most common types. And the best part is you can find all its types in the canned form. The rich taste and easy availability of canned fish have eased many lives who love to make their tuna sandwich. But there are a few questions to answer before you find out the best-canned tuna.

Is canned tuna healthy?

The short answer is, yes, canned tuned is healthy to consume as long as it is not expired. Tuna does not need a special type of preservative to extend its shelf life. It is the processing method that matters the most rather than the use of preservatives.

Canned tuna is low in mercury than raw or boiled fish. Also, it is a great source of omega-3 that promotes mental growth and boosts immune. Besides, the fish contains no carbs or sugars which make it ideal for diet conscious people. You can also find some low-sodium cans high in protein which is beneficial for bodybuilding.

Is canned tuna cooked?

Many, if not all, canned tuna comes cooked. The cooking process is what increases their can life. The fish is boiled to kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Many brands cook their tuna fish twice before canning to ensure it is free from germs and bacteria.

The great part about cooked tuna can is you can consume it directly. As the fish comes already cooked it is better not to expose it to high temperatures. But you can always reheat the can if you wish to add warm chunks of meat in our salad or soup.

Benefits of Eating Tuna Fish

There are so many benefits of eating tuna fish. But that does not mean you must have them daily as they contain mercury. However, eating them once a while keeps check on mercury levels and help you with numerous health benefits listed down.

  • Tuna is an excellent source of lean protein. This makes it ideal for people working on their body for muscular development.
  • The high content of omega-3s helps in better brain function
  • Less amount of carbs supports keto and paleo diet
  • Good level of vitamin B helps recover from an intense workout as well as maintain bone mineral density
  • Increase the body’s ability to fight against disease
  • Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids are good for overall heart health

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Canned tuna is a healthy meal for people on the run. Unlike canned chicken or beef, it does not require further cooking or adding spices. You can add the chunks of meat directly into a cold bowl or salad or in between your sandwich. The best quality canned tuna can be a perfect side meal or a complete meal on its own. And we’ve picked some of the best brands in the market known to deliver quality products which makes you feel as if you’re having a tuna catches minutes before from the sea.

Top Reviews

Evelyne:Rating 5stars out of 5

  • Responsibly fished without using any fish aggregating devices
  • Premium fillets stored in olive oil
  • Comes in many flavors to make a variety of canned tuna recipes
  • 100{98880d97af0555a3a517c8aae666eeb64e7bd6d49cbbe05617dcb138f6e48200} yellowfin gourmets full of protein; great for bodybuilders
  • Nutritiously packed fillets in a glass jar rather than metal
  • Wildly caught in the Mediterranean sea that gives a rich ocean flavor

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Chrystelle:Ratings 5stars out of 5

  • Best canned tuna to eat instantly
  • No harmful chemicals or ingredients used to elongate shelf life
  • Each yellowfin is hand-picked carefully to deliver the best quality in your plate
  • A great option for people who love the savory flavor
  • Good source of protein with the presence of omega 3
  • Handy pulling tab to open the can easily
  • Certified sustainable seafood MSC

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Alvin:Ratings 4stars out of 5

  • You can cook the tunny fish once after draining water
  • Choose from water or vegetable oil preservative
  • Protein-packed snack perfect for salads, sandwiches or side meal
  • Offers premium quality white albacore
  • All safe ingredients contain water, vegetable broth, salt, soy, and pyrophosphate
  • Keto-diet friendly
  • I gave 4 stars cuz Contains soy which is not good news for people with soy allergy

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Francis:Ratings 5stars out of 5

  • 20 grams of protein and 90 grams of calories per can makes the product ideal for diet watchers
  • Small chunks good enough to add directly in cold salad or sandwich
  • Good canned tuna for cats
  • Affordable as compared to many other canned tuna brands in the market
  • Starkist practices and promotes sustainable fishing
  • Best quality light tuna free from both gluten and soy
  • Works well with keto, paleo, and Whole30 diet plans

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Sylvia: Ratings 5 stars out of 5

  • Each fish is tested for mercury levels which makes it the best-canned tuna for children and pregnant women
  • Hand-cut meat instead of industrial processing
  • Slow-cooked in the can itself that retains vital oils
  • Sustainably-sourced, wild-caught fish are fully traceable
  • OU Kosher certified
  • Official partner of the American Pregnancy Association
  • Supports Whole30 and paleo diet

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